All About Electronic Cigarettes

Why E-Cigarettes!

The electronic cigarette industry has seen a fortuitous growth over recent years with sales figures increasing exponentially, a trend that is unlikely to change. People are a lot more aware of the dangers associated with real cigs and e-cigarettes offer a useful alternative that the added bonus of being a lot cheaper than real cigs.

The design of most modern electronic cigarettes is fairly basic and comes in 2 or 3 parts, composed of a battery and cartridge, or cartomiser, and/or mouthpiece, although the latter is usually integrated into the cartridges with most suppliers. Of course, they are the reusable versions and the disposable version might just be in one part since it’s just for one time use, this being the preferred option for people new to the e-cigarette world. The reusable electronic cigarettes are the most popular with e-smokers because after the initial cost for the battery and maybe other components (USB charger) the only other necessary component needed for further use is the cartomiser, meaning even further savings with continued use. Some estimate the cost of e-cigarettes compared to real cigs is as much as 80% less, although this can vary depending on manufacturers’ prices.

Unlike regular cigs, electronic cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco, which means no smoke and as a consequence they aren’t prohibited in “no-smoking” areas. One unfortunate downside of the e cigs increasing popularity is that some establishments are starting to prohibit e cigs’ use, although this is still relatively new and most public areas aren’t concerned about e-cigarettes being used. Since the electronic cigarettes can come in many flavours and colours, it makes it easy to distinguish between an e cig and real cig should that be preferred by e-smokers and this can have a positive influence when using them indoors since people automatically know they aren’t real.

The way electronic cigarettes are designed makes it easy to regulate one’s nicotine intake by first selecting a cartridge strength but also allowing e-smokers to inhale as many puffs, or draws, as they like without obligation to finish, as with a real cig. People can take the exact number of puffs as they want and put the e-cigarette in their pocket or bag without having to worry about ash or fire. This is what makes electronic cigarettes unique over typical nicotine substitute programs, since they give smokers more control and freedom over their nicotine intake, something that’s impossible with conventional treatments.

Electronic Cigarettes Rock!

Electronic cigarettes were first introduced at the end of 2007 and their sales were a meagre 10 million, whereas now they are estimated to reach 1 billion by the end of 2013, proving their popularity. The reason people are converting to e-cigarettes now more than ever is thanks in part to the ridiculous cost of real cigs, but more importantly people are realizing how detrimental real cigs are to their health, with too many illnesses to name and most that are horrible to even think about. It’s hard to imagine why any smokers wouldn’t want to try an e-cigarette because it has already improved the quality of life for many people worldwide.


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