E-Shisha Pens versus E-Cigs

Tradional Hookah & Tobacco has Been Made Electric in the E-Shisha Pens and E-Cigs!

E-Shisha Pens are still fairly new but they are becoming as popular as electronic cigarettes, which have also become incredibly popular in a short space of time. The main difference between the two is that E-Shisha has been designed to resemble real shisha, while e cigs were designed to resemble regular cigs. E-Shisha Pens are also referred to as E-Shisha Sticks but they are the same thing. One big difference between the two is that E-Shisha Pens are often disposable, whereas e cigs tend to be refillable.

Since E-Shisha Sticks were fashioned from the traditional smoking of Shisha, they tend to produce more smoke than regular e-cigs, as well as producing more flavour and arguably a more realistic smoking sensation. However, unlike traditional shisha there is no tobacco present in E-Shisha Pens so there is no risk of developing dangerous diseases from carcinogens. Perhaps this is why they have become increasingly popular among young people who want to enjoy inhaling and exhaling smoke while they are out having fun, which is prohibited with real Shisha but not E-Shisha Sticks. The fact that they can come in almost any flavour too means people will always find a flavour they like.

E-Shisha Pens are typically disposable but their battery will last for several hours of continued use before expiring, combine this with the vast quantities of smoke-like vapour they release and they are superior to e cigs in that respect. E cigs tend to produce sufficient smoke but it’s nowhere near as potent as E-Shisha Sticks. Although E-Shisha has no tobacco it can still contain some nicotine, like an e cig, however they normally don’t so this is preferred by many non-smokers. E-Shisha Pens can also come with a variety of flavours that can be easily altered as often as wanted, or until the battery dies if it’s disposable. With e-cigs they are usually meant for refillable and reusable purposes but people tend to use E-Shisha Pens for a night out or special occasion so there is no need to buy a refillable version, however, there are refillable versions available if people prefer them.

E-Shisha Pens were the result of real shisha that was smoked through a pipe, but with E-Shisha there is more of a resemblance to the shape of a small stick than a pipe. The sticks tend to be colourful and extravagant looking, which proves popular with young people, including many celebrities. The components between them and e cigs are very similar but as mentioned before most E-Shisha Pens tend to be disposable, which is probably since lots of non-smokers like them so there’s no need to be reused. Since E-Shisha Pens can be used by smokers, as well as non-smokers, there are refillable versions available and they are often the preferred option for long term users. Despite the differences between e cigs and E-Shisha they both share many common traits and they are both far healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes so their popularity seems likely to continue.


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