More Smokers Buy E-Cigarettes than ever Before!

Why are the E-Cigarettes so Popular?

The reason people buy e cigarettes is because they are very similar to the real thing, with the main difference being that e cigs don’t contain dangerous toxins and additives. The industry has a few variations of e cigs and this will depend on the brand and the intention of the e cig. Electronic cigarette starter kits provide essential components but the best e cigarettes will be premium electronic cigarettes and they tend to cost a bit more than the starter kits, both of them will still have the essential tools necessary to construct an e cig and to refill them as needed. It’s logical to assume that people buy e cigarettes with a starter kit first then progress to the more sophisticated models. Fortunately, the components should still be compatible regardless of the models chosen and this makes the e cig products very easy to use and assemble. For those who don’t want to invest in a starter kit initially, there will often be an option to buy a disposable e cig that is designed to give those new to the market a chance to try an e cig cheaper, and in many cases the disposable e cig can be free other than postage costs. Due to healthy competition there are often regular promotions for smokers to take advantage of and save even further when choosing to buy e cigarettes. People can buy e cigarettes online too which makes the whole process even easier and they can select each product, including refills, and get detailed instructions before they buy.

However people like to buy e cigarettes they might wonder how they work

When people buy e cigarettes they can start with a disposable or refillable version, the latter of which being the most popular because it only requires a cartridge to be reused. Although the disposable e cigs are thrown away when the cartridge or cartomiser is finished, they follow the same basic principles as the reusable e cigs. That is, a battery heats up the cartridge, or atomizer, and this then heats the liquid nicotine and releases the nicotine and vapour for the smoker to inhale, just the way they would with a real cigarette. The tip of the electronic cigarette usually lights up the same way a real cig does to give a more realistic looking e cig. The whole e cig will come in this way although some come in two parts and some in three; they both achieve exactly the same thing and work with the same methods. To buy e cigarettes one will often take into account the cost and sophisticated design of the e cig on offer, although they are almost all very professionally built and maintained to very high standards, something which is of the utmost importance when it comes to a product that simulates smoking because nicotine could be dangerous in high doses. Most people buy e cigarettes because they like a certain brand and trust their products, however, with e cigs most brands are trustworthy so an e cig starter kit would be an ideal starting point to enter the e cig world. Those who know what brand and product they like will opt for a premium electronic cigarette in some cases and these are often the best e cigarettes, however, that can be a matter of opinion. The best electronic cigarettes might have better methods for introducing the liquid nicotine and they can often have longer lasting batteries and make the e liquid more efficient; also they can sometimes give e smokers more control of the amount of e liquid they get with each puff. Regardless it all depends on what the individual is looking for in their e cig and with the market so popular there are plenty of different options to choose from.

  • When people buy e cigarettes they often begin with a disposable e cig or an electronic cigarette starter kit and these both work with a battery and e liquid
  • The best e cigarettes are arguably the premium electronic cigarettes and they can often have more sophisticated ways of introducing the e liquid, as well as offer more control over the amount of e liquid on each puff
  • Starter kits have all the necessary parts to continue enjoy e cigs indefinitely, simply by buying further cartridges

The reason people buy e-cigarettes is mainly to improve health

People buy e cigarettes because they are looking for a healthy alternative that also gives them some of the smoking characteristics they crave when away from real cigs. Moreover, e cigs give more than just nicotine, they give the hand motions many smokers are used to from years of using real cigarettes and they have become just as addictive as nicotine. Unlike nicotine gum or a patch, the best e cigarettes let smokers continue with their usually smoking motions and this is one of the greatest attributes to e cigs over other smoking substitutes. The obvious purpose of electronic cigs is to provide a smoking alternative that still gets rid of nicotine cravings and combined with the hand motions; it’s no surprise that smokers are choosing to buy e cigarettes over similar stop-smoking products a lot more. People buy e cigarettes with the intention of at least reducing the amount of real cigs they smoke and the way e cigs work means it’s easy to switch between the two without any obligation to abstain from real cigs, as is the case with other nicotine replacement products, such as a patch that can be toxic if people smoke while using. This will still mean less harmful toxins and chemicals are entering the body so even if regular cigarette intake is reduced by a half that is still a huge health benefit. Real cigarettes have thousands of dangerous chemicals and most of them cause cancer and seriously worrying diseases that greatly reduce life expectancy. People buy e cigarettes to try them out at first and more often than not this leads to the purchase of an electronic cigarette starter kit or a premium e cigarette, which leads to continued use of e cigs and even further health benefits. This will ultimately save smokers a fortune since e cig refills cost a fraction of what real cigarettes cost, so the longer one uses e cigs for the greater one will save.

  • Regular cigs contain thousands of chemicals and toxins that kill people every day, whereas e cigs contain none
  • People can buy e cigs easily simply by buying e liquid refills for their e cig battery and these cost a fraction of what real cigs cost

One bonus side effect of e cigs is that they can be used indoors in places where tobacco cigarettes are outlawed and banned. Since they don’t contain any tobacco or smoke they can be used almost anywhere without restriction, the vapour released is harmless water so there is nothing to worry about. Some places might frown upon an e cig being used but if no specific rules are in place regarding e cigs, they can be used legally.

People buy e cigarettes as a smoking substitute

When people buy e cigarettes they are looking for a smoking substitute that actually works and this is contrary to e cigs being marketed as a substitute. The reason many of the best e cigarettes aren’t advertised as a smoking cessation or “quit smoking” product is due to ignorance on governments’ parts. It seems quite unreasonable to assume e cigs don’t work well as a smoking alternative when they clearly do, however, most of the main brands and manufacturers prefer to market their e cigs as therapeutic just to be on the safe side and to avoid unnecessary legislation preventing the sale of their amazing products. Some countries have decided that e cigs are too new to be considered as a smoking cessation or NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and this is despite many health officials and doctors praising the e cig world because they know better than anyone how miraculous e cigs are. People buy e cigarettes with no intention of quitting smoking whatsoever but they just like to use e cigs on occasion, some like the flavours the e liquids can come in and some just like to save some money, the way e cigs work means that any smoker can use them as often as they want. Doctors throughout the world know how deadly real cigarettes are to the human body and they also know that conventional ways of trying to get people to stop smoking are not working and NRT techniques currently used might work in the short term, but many return to real cigarettes after a while. People buy e cigarettes and they can cut down their real cigarette intake gradually while using their e cig, or they can just smoke the e cig exclusively and if they need to continue smoking their e cig they will feel a lot healthier in just a short space of time. Regardless of what the intended purpose is of e cigs smokers know how they want to use them and that is why more people buy e cigarettes than other NRT products and soon that number will greatly overwhelm those substitutes.

  • Typical NRT products such as the patch and inhalator simply don’t give smokers the freedom they need when trying to quit
  • Although e cigs aren’t sold as an NRT product many smoker buy e cigarettes fully aware of their potential

The e cig industry has seen a marked increase in people who buy e cigarettes over a short period of time

The number of people who buy e cigarettes was said to be just 20 million in 2008 and this is a tiny number considering how many people smoke real cigarettes. Then in 2012 that number was 500 million and in 2013 it’s expected to double once again, showing that smokers are increasingly becoming self-conscious of their habit and they opt to buy e cigarettes as a practical alternative that actually works. It’s hard to find any opponents of e cigs since there are no notable side effects caused by them, particularly compared to regular cigs. The US has the greatest market share of e cig users but other countries such as the UK and France are also seeing a huge interest in the electronic cigarette market. The number of smokers who buy e cigarettes is quite incredible considering there hasn’t been much advertising or tactical marketing ploys by e cig manufacturers. Smokers have simply heard about e cigs primarily through word of mouth and no other NRT product can boast that fact.

People can buy e cigarettes easily online and that is the preferred option of many e smokers

The ease and convenience is why smokers buy e cigarettes online and this provides an ideal platform to investigate all aspects of a particular e cig. All of the top manufacturers will offer a prompt delivery service so e smokers will never run out of refills and this has probably helped the industry grow at an incredible rate. People can buy e cigarette refills at any time of the day or night and have them delivered the next day in most circumstances. Of course, there is the option to buy e cigarettes from a general store and some of the top supermarkets have started selling e cigs since they realize how popular they have become with smokers worldwide. One huge advantage of buying e cigs online is that regular e cig users can view all the special offers or promotions available and this allows them to save even further. Some of the top manufacturers have loyalty programs for customers to provide them with more savings for continued business, which is something that couldn’t easily be done unless buying online. Also, there will usually be extensive product descriptions available for each e cig on a website that will give details about what it contains and how to use it, which can’t be done in a supermarket. However one chooses to buy e cigarettes makes little difference to the huge benefits the e cigs offer smokers.

When people buy e cigarettes there is less chance of relapsing

When people buy e cigarettes they will often try an electronic cigarettes starter kit or disposable e cig to begin with and that is the most popular option with many newcomers to the market. The disposable e cig won’t prevent smokers from going back to real cigs because it can’t be refilled and when it runs out smokers won’t have any choice but to convert back to their real cigs. That doesn’t make much difference in the short term because smokers can easily buy a starter kit or premium electronic cigarette in the future and try a refillable version. Due to the realism of e cigs there is no need to choose one or the other, one can easily switch between an e cig and real cig as often as they want to. Once smokers have been using e cigs they will start to feel a lot more energetic and their food will taste better since they aren’t killing their taste buds with smoke. These positive benefits of e cigs will tend to make smokers smoke real cigs less and as a result lots of e smokers gradually stop smoking real cigarettes altogether and stick to their e cigs. The electronic cigarette has the advantage of being so much like a regular cigarette that smokers won’t miss real cigarettes as much as they would when using normal NRT products like gum and patches. With those methods smokers are highly likely to relapse back to real cigs but with an e cig there is less inclination to relapse, since e cigs offer all the great benefits of smoking, rather than just the nicotine substitute that other products offer.

  • People buy e cigarettes because they give them more freedom over how and when they smoke and relapsing back to real cigs is less likely
  • Typical NRT products don’t resemble real cigs so the chances of relapsing are significantly greater than with electronic cigarettes

For those who buy e cigarettes there is a realization that they need to quit their smoking habit and many of them will have already tried the medicinal cessation methods before. The reason e cigs are so popular is because smokers have decided that they actually work at providing a smoking alternative. The top e cig suppliers might market them as therapeutic but that doesn’t make any difference to smokers around the world who use them as a smoking substitute and the number of smokers who have quit or at least cut down their real cigarette intake proves how useful e cigs are. There are virtually no negative qualities from using electronic cigarettes and that’s why the number of smokers choosing to buy e cigarettes is constantly increasing.

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